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Upgrade request

I am not sure if this is the right place to bring this up but…
is there any plan to offer native support to some of the DB’s that are only supported by ODBC?

I started working for a new company that used Postgres for all their DB needs and tho TDA works for most of my basic SQL needs, only being able to work with table and views is a real handicap. TDA is the best tool I have found for a BI/data analyst type person as most tools are focused on the DBA. The next best thing I have been able to find is navicat but they really lack the polish and function that toad put into their products. I know in the 5 years i have used toad software I only use like 20% of what toad/TDA has to offer but when forced to use another tool I realize how much the other tools are missing. it is much like going between TDA and TDA-freeware

Thank you for your kind words on TDA.

We currently do not have any plans for native support for Postgres however this platform continues to rise in our connectivity list. I run a report every month on what types of platforms are connected to in TDA. (This is only for users that opted to send stats to us). In September Postgres was the number 2 ODBC type. There were not a lot of different users but those that used Postgres used it a lot.

What are the top three things that you would like to have when connecting to Postgres that you do not have now? Or is it you just don’t like how slow ODBC is, etc.


Access to functions /(procedures)
better auto populate/complete - it gets lost ALOT
keep alive - I have an editor up all day long

on a over all note (not related to connections)
in the query builder if more than one filed links to the same field have a pop up asking what joins you want IE table a has 3 fields that join to the same field in table b

Okay. Thanks. I might consider adding access to procedures in ODBC implementation. Let me see. No promises:)

P.S. I entered request for functions/procedure support as CR 79,624.

is there any news on CR 79624

Crs79624 and CR78521 are marked as fixed in TDA 3.0. These are to add proceedure support for Postgress using an ODBC connection. I have not personally tested this so let me know if there are any issues.