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Support more export formats via automation


Right now there are only three formats that can be used to create an export, CSV, XLS and HTML. I have many reports where the format is very specific, and new line handling, and separators must be customized. TOAD for Oracle supports setting these things, but TDP does not. Please allow customization of exports.


Couple of general comments.

Firstly, we're always indebted to our customers for feeding us ideas... keep it up!

(As an FYI note, both products support way more export target data platforms than just the three you mention.)

Secondly, both products support customized separators, for example, but yes, there are some export characteristics on the Toad/Oracle side that Toad Data Point users would benefit from (for example, data masking, etc.)

I think the general request here is to have consistency between Toad products regarding export/import process attributes.  However, it always helps our Dev teams when you can be as specific as possible regarding those features that are most important to your use cases.  I suspect that there's more to the ask here than line feed handling and custom separators.



I am speaking specifically about the "Select to file" feature of Automation, which only supports Excel, HTML and CSV.



I second this, I would like the ability to export directly to QVD or PBIX files so that I can more easily create BI dashboards