Suppress Blank Rows in Toad Date Report "tables"

Is there a way to create a responsive/dynamic within a Toad Data Report that rows that return blank are suppressed?

Can you give more details please? Are you asking how to suppress a row whose columns are all blank?

Yes - that is exactly what I hope to do. Working on a statement (.tdr) that displays benefits, awards, bonuses, etc. but don't want to include any such things in situations where individuals did not receive such.

Unless I'm missing something, this requirement and others like it are almost always accomplished by including the relevant condition in the WHERE clause of the SQL statement that is creating the result set.

SELECT * FROM <tables, etc.>

none of the important fields = blank or null

My apologies... I should have more clearer explained that I am not referring to a dataset table created by the SQL, but rather a table embedded within a Toad Data Report (.tdr) that displays data merged from the report's dataset table.