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Avoid data omision when null in pivot grids

When creating the a pivot grid in the reports, TOAD sets to NULL the field if there is no data (or if it is zero). I have seen in the “Pivot Grid Designer” that there is the option of setting “EmptyCellText” and “EmptyValueText”, but it doesn’t work the way I expected (it still prints a blank in the chart). Anyone knows if this has anything to do with the field type or has any suggestion for this?
Thank you

It doesn’t seem to do anything for me either.

Usually you want null or empty values to be 0 in a pivot grid. You control that by using the Format String and Type values just above where the EmptyCellText is.

I used this string and it igave me what I wanted for null values as well as the formatting I wanted.



Thank you Debbie,
That actually solved part of my problem, but TOAD still hides a row field when all the data in that line is zero. I do get the results after executing the SQL statement but they don’t show in the grid. Maybe I am doingsomething wrong.
THank you

Should I then assume that this is a default thing TOAD does? :S

Actually I am not sure since this is a third part control we use.