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Supressing License popup...

Is there a way to surpress the window for the license key upon the initial startup? No matter what I have tried, it always seems to pop up with that window the first time it is launched…

I’m trying to deploy this to a remote group. Licenses are legit, but they would like to just have it open and not have to put in a key.

Is it possible? Am I using questkey wrong, or is there a different tool?

There should be command line options to quest installer to run in quiet
/remote-install mode that should suffice ……

Wow…I didn’t think I was unclear about what I was describing.

Installation is not the issue at all…the license pop-up appears after the install.

The documentation says to use questkey.exe to apply the license, which was also done with no problem…this doesn’t change the fact that a window appears upon the first launch of the application asking for a key. In fact, the window actually says ‘License 1 (active)’. but I would like to have that window suppressed entirely if that is an option.

Does everyone get that popup upon the first launch?

Installation is not the issue at all…the license pop-up appears after the

Installation… post-installation, pre-usage… what’s in a name?

The process flow – as I understand what you’re describing –

Install -> -> first-use

If the person that is going to be using it is not supposed to see the
pop-up… if not as part of the installation process (or post-installation
setup by the person handling the install), what part of the process do you
envision such a change to be made?

Perhaps instead of dismissing the suggestion because of a dislike for the
“install” word, you could consider whose task it is that you think
ought to be making such a setting change and then re-consider that it may very
well be part of the install/post-install process.

Roger S.