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Sybase connection removes quotes in query builder - this is a bug

When connecting to Sybase with versions higher than 2.6 it no longer puts quotes around the comparision value entered in Query Builder’s Where line. Also if you use the IN comparison and you put the quotes in yourself, Toad removes them from the SQL and then yells at you for trying to compare a numeric value to a varchar field. When you check the value you put in the quotes are still there. When you look at the query tab there are no quotes. The only way to get an In statemant to work is to write it yourself in the Global Where clause as a work around.

Thank you for bringing the issue up. I have confirmed it is a bug in Howerver, I found it is fixed in 3.2 already. Please try our 3.2 beta.



Thank you. I will take a look at 3.2.

  • Greg