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Loss of string quotes with query diagram modification

I am currently using Toad Data Point 3.2. When I create queries, test them and determine they function and I save them, I am having issues with later modifying those queries. If I open the query and attempt to change anything in the diagram, it removes all of my string ‘’ notations inside of the original query. So either I have to remove my original filters that had ‘’ in and rebuild them again in the diagram, or manually go in and add the ‘’ back into the query tab. It is extremely frustrating.

anytime you update query builder it re-writes the SQL and will replace what ever was there. There are some tricks you can use, If you use the Global where clause you can type in the where condition with --comments and it will keep those. Same with the global having clause. Just click on the little W on the globe:

Once you start modifying the SQL on the query tab you don’t want to change the diagram unless you are willing to lose your modifications. Sorry, not much help and it won’t pull in the immage.