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Issue/Doubt when using sync & convert Wizard


I have just began to use TDM and I am already facing something very strange. Let me to explian:

We are trying to synchronize the physical definition of our tables (as they are defined in our TDM models) with the tables that really exists in a SQL server. Our main goal would be to obtain a report with 0 differences :slight_smile:

In the attached sample you will see that for a certain tables (DimEPS table is the sample) the wizard is providing us a difference coming from an attribute that exists in the model and not in the DB and viceversa. Really the attribute is the same in both cases and no difference should be found (see attached sql scripts to demonstrate that).

Could some one help us to understand why TDM is providing this difference? There is a way to avoid that and not to obtain any difference when executing the wizard?

Thanks in advance,

Issue TDM Sync Wizard.ppt (420 KB)

SQLServer.sql (1.78 KB)

TDM.sql (3.33 KB)