Synchronization Wizard

Can i set a option that the script is generated for checking dependencies?

Could you please be more specific where do you want this? Data Compare, Server Compare or Schema Compare?
Or somewhere else?

Hi Alexander,

In the Schema Compare function.

The Situation is :

I took a schema snapshot from production, created a empty database on a test system. than compared the schema snapshot with the empty database. and tried to synchronize the two. but it fails because a stored procedure is created before the the table. or a schema before the user.

Ok, I see. We have such option in Schema Syncronization Wizard. See attached snapshot for TSS 5.0. In 4.6 the wizard had another appearance, but also had this option.
What TSS version do you use?

As I remember it is checked by default. Need some details from you (your source schema snapshot, for instance) if you have any problems with using this option.