Syntax Check for Snowflake

Toad is reporting a syntax error for a Snowflake SQL but the syntax is correct:

Any suggestions for how I can correct the check or format the SQL to pass the check?


Gotta ask... are you running the latest version of TDP? e.g. 6.2 at the moment...
If not, please upgrade and re-test, as there were quite a few fixes in the 6.1.x releases.

Also, make sure that there are no special (undisplayable) characters right after that comma in line 65.

Otherwise, if this SQL executes successfully against Snowflake in another app, please open a Support ticket.

This is Toad Data Studio - which is on version 1.0.023331

BTW, I've had similar issues with SnowFlake queries. I have found that most of these go away if I check the option to use quoted identifiers. See snap below... I wonder if that might help?

Thanks for the suggestion - I will give it a try.