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Syntax checker objects to a column called "Running"


I’m typing this (perfectly valid) SQL statement into an editor window:

SELECT Running
FROM (SELECT 99 Running

For some reason, the TOAD syntax checker puts a red zig-zag line (screenshot below) under the FROM and the second SELECT as if there was a syntax error, although the statement can in fact be run without any problems.


This behaviour presents a problem when working with PL/SQL code that include reference to a column called running, as the navigator fails to list any items after the supposed “error”:


Note in the above screenshot how the y() function does not appear in the navigator.

The problem can be worked around by using quotes around the column name like this:

FROM (SELECT 99 Running

but it’s annoying to have to uglify ones code like that just to work around a Toad bug.

Toad v. by the way.


Sure a parser bug. I’m looking into this.

Thanks for reporting.


It has been fixed, so it’s on its way to new Toads.

The bug was related to the RUNNING keyword due to new work around this keyword.