Toad Changes Display when I insert a code

Toad put red lines if I insert a code like in the below;

"select * from table"

There is the preview in the attachment. How can I fix it ?

Use statement terminator. Insert “select * from table;” instead. That should do it, but if it doesn’t then show a screenshot including the start of the syntax error highlighting plus the code appearing before it.


I'm quite new in Toad so I need an actual and basic description to set it. I think the problem happens due to the letter of " .... " the inverted commas. If there is one, than it changes all the look of the code writing, underline with red and turn the colour of the typo to red. You can find tHe ss in the attachment. Thanks for your hand.

I don’t fully follow your second message, but from the screenshot in your first it’s not clear what is triggering the syntax error highlighting (red squiggly lines). If your code is seemingly correct those usually appear when statement terminators are not used. For example, the following SELECTs in your editor will highlight the second as having an error…

SELECT * FROM user_objects
SELECT user FROM dual

That code looks OK, but it’s not valid. The two statements are not properly terminated so there’s no clear indication that two statements exist. Properly terminating using semicolon (:wink: corrects this…

SELECT * FROM user_objects;
SELECT user FROM dual;

Make sure all of your statements are properly terminated with semicolon (:wink: and see if that resolves it.

If there is still an issue then post sample code that reproduces the issue along with your Toad version. You’re on an older version of Toad that was released before Oracle 12c and 18c so if your statements include newer 12c or 18c syntax there will be some incorrect flagging of errors.