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Syntax error using recursive CTE's together with xmlnamespaces

Hello all,

I wrote a query that does a recursion through some xml code, and defining the namespace seems mandatory in this case.

The CTE I’m using is of the following form:


xmlnamespaces(default ‘someurl’)

, myrecursion AS (



This is the correct way to do such a query, for Transact-SQL won’t let me use the WITH keyword more than once. Yet the Toad syntax checker doesn’t seem to like it.

Now the query runs just fine but the line containing the supposed error is underlined. The most annoying thing though, is that whenever I happen to cause some error while scripting and I double click on the message containing the error, the editor always moves to the line containing the “myrecursion” definition, even when the error has nothing to do with it.

Is there any way to make the syntax checker ignore that line?

The Toad for SQL Server version I’m using is

Thanks in advance.

Hi asant,

We will fix the checker.

Thanks for reporting this issue,


Thanks to you for replying so quickly Andre.

The fix will be part of future Toads having the file QP5.dll with version 5.253 or higher.