Tables not visible to reverse engineer

I am trying to reverse engineer a schema from an Oracle 10g database and although I believe that all of the required access rights have been granted, I am unable to see any tables in the entity select list.

I can however see all of the required tables when querying from SQL*Plus and from the Toad Schema Browser.

What is particularily confusing is that we have succesfully reverse engineering shemas from other instances with (ostensibly) the same user schema definitions and access rights.

I suspect some kind of missing access, and I won’t be offended if you suggest even the simplest courses of investigation as we are all fairly new to Toad.

Hi Pierre,

do you have object types selected? Best would be to send us screenshots of individual steps of RE wizard. Can you pack them and attach them, please?
And check Help for Oracle RE and the steps described there. It may help.

Thank you.