Can't see tables in another schema

I am new to TDM and found it to be a helpful tool. Currently I am using version The problem that I am having is this:

My user account has select access to a large number of tables in another schema. I also have access to 6 views in this other schema. When I open up Object Explorer I do not see any tables but can see the 6 views. When I log with my account through Toad for Oracle, I can see/select everything that I expect to see/select. What would prevent me from seeing a list of tables TDM.


Hello Linda,
could you specify Oracle version?
I understand you try only obejct explorer to reverse eng. Could you try Reverse Eng. Wizard, that is more powerful with more settings? You can find it in Main Menu - File - Reverse Engineering - Reverse Engineering Wizard.


Thanks for our response Daril. I am on an Oracle 12.2 database. I tried the Reverse Eng. Wizard as you suggested without success. I still see only the views in the schemas I have select privileges.

The database where I don’t have problems I have a variety of create privileges. I do not have create table privileges in the problematic DB, just select. Does TDM expect more?