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Reverse Engineering error


I’m new to Data Modeler, and I’m looking to see if/how we can reverse engineer our Oracle Database of 2000+ tables into Toad Data Modeler. (v6.4.4.42)
I’m starting with a subset of 15 or so tables, but keep getting the error Table or view does not exist

If you select a subset of tables, do you have to also select all parent/child tables?
How does it handle missing FKs
Some of the related parent tables are in a different schema on the database and short of importing everything in one go I don’t see how I can import them at the same time.


Hello Gill,
it look like you don’t have all necessary permissions for re user right. It is crash during RE of column permissions(Maybe you don’t have right for system table DBA_COL_PRIVS).
You can uncheck RE of user right in Options page in RE Wizard by checkbox:
“All databases users, roles and permissions”

Please try it and let us know. If problem persist please write us concrete version of Oracle and check if you connect by right version of oracle data source(Oracle 10, 11 etc.).

In version 6.5. has been added feature to RE Wizard to select Parent and Child tables for RE. You can use poupmenu or buttons on last page of RE Wizard.