TAblespace administer window

I have been upgraded to toad V14. My tablespace administer window shows each datafile for each tablespace vs the old way where it was tablespaces and their usage. Is this a change for this version or do I need to make some view changes somewhere?



Are you using the same license in 14 that you had in prior version?

Look under Help -> About.

It sounds like you had DB Admin module before and now you don't.

It says "TOAD for oracle expert edition". I am a DBA, is this the wrong license type?

If you want the space usage history, you need the DB Admin Module in your license.

Thanks John -I didnt know there were different liscnes vs options for Toad.

If it hasn't expired, whatever key you were using on your prior version of Toad will still work in v14.

Just add that key again under Help -> Licensing and then delete the one that's in there now.