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TDA Security in a DB2 environment


New user…apologies in advance for what may be a stupid question. I just downloaded the trial version of TDA about 10 minutes ago.

Security (esp the ability to UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE) seem to be a critical issue for our DBA’s. They want to limit end users to just being able to query (SELECT) data. I assume this security would/should be done at the DBA level as User ID’s are created and security is managed on the DB and not at the TDA tool level.

My question here is:
*Is this an accurate assumption?
*How is security in TDA managed?
*Can you limit users to specific roles at the TDA level or best to handle this at the DB
2 DB level by the DBA’s?




You can handle securtiy in three ways:

  1. Normal database user privileges.
  2. Install TDA as a readonly version. This means that all update, inserts and deletes are prevented even if the user has database privileges.
  3. TDA security. This is a feature where you can set a users privelege level for each action in the application. This can get quite detailed. But using this feature you could make one database logon readonly and have regular lod id privs on another database. This is done differently than the readonly install. It is set up by a DBA on each db server.



Thank you Debbie. I really appreciate the detailed answer. have a great day.