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TDM 5.1 HTML Report Fails to Create Report


I am getting the same error as the previous post on this issue (posted July 3, 2013), except that I have tested my models (two of them) and they both have no errors. I went ahead and repaired but it did nothing and still am getting an error in the following code when trying to generate any kind of HTML report. This is from the TDM script. I have not written any scripts. In fact, I am just testing a trial version of this software and have yet to generate any HTML reports because of this error. My model has 22 entities. I am currently using Windows 8.1, so not sure if that is a problem:

function GetInitString(Report)
return ‘\r\n\r\n’

  • ‘\r\n’
  • ’ \r\n’
    // + ’ \r\n’
  • ’ \r\n’
  • ’ \r\n’
    //+ ’ \r\n’
  • ’ Toad Data Modeler - HTML Report\r\n’
  • ’ \r\n\r\n’;

Sorry, I could not seem to copy/paste the error here. But it is the same error shown on the July 3, 2013 post.

thank you,



thanks for your feedback. I would like to eliminate possible model-related problems.

  1. Can you generate report from the sample model, please?

  2. Can you send me one of the two models to

In general, report generation should work fine. Windows 8.1 is not officially supported but we did various tests on Windows 8 64bit and found no similar issue.



Actually, I tested this late yesterday and was able to duplicate the error with the video rental model so I’m thinking this isn’t related to the model

I understand 8.1 is not officially supported, but I’m just wondering if anyone has seen this error on an 8.1 machine. It happens on the sample data model that comes with the trial software, you cannot generate and HTML report.

Can you post a screenshot? I just tried generating an HTML Report using 8.1 and the VideoRental model and it worked fine.

Hi - it appears that there may be some directories that are not in the expected location.

Please try the following workaround:

Go to Settings | Options | Paths | Check what is the value under “Path to Styles”. It is usually like C:\Documents and Settings<username>\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Styles. If you check this directory, you should find three folders under it which contains the report styles:




If it is not there, then copy the above directories from the TDM folder - C:\Program Files(x86)\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler\Styles\ to your document and settings directory. Once that is in place, generate the report again using the Report Wizard.

Thanks for the fix for this. You were right, I had been trying to customize my report output pathname and inadvertently copied over my style path. I would not have found this for a long time. It works now!