Getting Out of Memory error when generating HTML Report for TDM for SQL Server 2005

I am attempting to generate the frameless HTML report for our model and I can’t do it. It generated an Out of Memory error when generating the Attributes Report.

Our model has over 800 entities and over 5400 attributes.

I was able to generate the report once using the default selections for the report, but it had too much data in it so I removed everything but the Entities and Attributes and now it fails.

Looking at Task Manager I can see that it is using up an entire Core and the Memory peaks around 1.4 GB (about the max for a 32-bit process - too bad this isn’t a 64-bit app).

I wonder why this tool can’t handle 5400 attributes.

Here is the text from the error screen I get if I let it bomb out.


Source: Toad Data Modeler - Internal error
Script: BasicHTMLPERReport
Description: Out of memory
Row: 1478
Column: 9

“BasicHTMLPERReport” from package “HTML Reports for PER Model”
“BasicHTMLPERReport” from package “HTML Reports for PER Model”
“BasicHTMLPERReport” from package “HTML Reports for PER Model”


Thoughts on what to try to generate this report?

Hi Rob,

For larger models generating HTML reports may cause issues and run into OOME for the process, mostly caused by generating ER diagram for the model. Have you changed this option between the two generatings?

Anyway, it may help to restart TDM between the attempts to allow restarting the processes and thus allowing new allocation of memory to the process.



Anyway, if it fails because of a large ERD, the report generating finishes correctly and you only get Information dialog saying that the image is too large and that it cannot be generated. But consuming memory on this task may cause unavailable memory for other tasks.




Thanks for replying. The thing I find really odd, is that when I generated the first HTML report, I left everything at the defaults. This generated ERDs and a bunch of extra tabs on the report.

It was only when I started removing elements (ERD, Views, etc.) that I started running into problems. Now I can only generate the HTML report if I only select the Entities (and nothing under it).

Seems like something may have happened to the model itself which is preventing this from cleanly generating.

I’ve tried restarting TDM but that doesn’t seem to be changing the behavior.

This really shouldn’t happen. I am passing this to QA and will talk about it with the team to find out if report generation influences the model in any way. Stay tuned, I will update you.

Anyway, can you send the model to or zip it and send in PM?



I am going to try rebuilding the model one last time from the old CaseStudio file and see if I can get different results. If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll pursue contacting you for further assistance.

So, after rebuilding the model file I was able to generate the report without the OOM.

The memory spiked up to 600 MB but didn’t go beyond that when processing the attributes. So it looks like something was corrupted in the model file.

At this point I’m going to make backups as I go but I think I should be okay.

Thanks for your update!

I am glad you made it that quickly and everything works ok now.