TDP 3.3 - Rearranges Automation Script Tasks


I have multiple .tas scripts where the order of the tasks have been changed by TDP 3.3. I know the originals are saved in the bak folder, however, due to the volume of the .tas rearranging the files back to their original state will take time.

I also just realized that the database connection in the original .tas does not appear in the updated 3.3 file.

See screen shots.

I see what is occurring here. For any prior scripts that used a database connection as a parent activity we removed that activity and converted to the newer style. Unfortunately there is an error in sequencing of the activity. The Automation activities had not needed a connection parent since TDA 3.0. This issue will only affect scripts that were made in older versions of TDA. I have entered CR110448 and we have fixed already. I would suggest running scripts in TDP 3.2 until we get a patch release out.