.tas files issue for years

Been a datapoint issue for years with .tas files. When you upgrade data point, the newer version cannot open a .tas created in an older version. This makes no sense and has been this way for years. What can we change manually in the xml for the updated versions of data point to open the .tas?

True, been this way for years, but when you install a new version of TDP, it should ask you if you want to save the scripts in the new version.

Also, even if one missed that step, when opening an automation script from a previous TDP version, TDP will ask if you want to migrate to a version compatible with the latest automation engine.

Are you asking for a utility that can migrate a batch of automation script files? I think this requirement has already been defined but we can check.

Hi Gary. I'm using It does not ask to migrate when opening a .tas from previous TDP version. Windows task scheduler also appears to use the version of TDP that created the .tas to run automated scripts.

went ahead and installed latest 5.7 TDP. encounters error when tryting to migrate the .tas

The user name or password is incorrect. (Exception from HRRESULT: 0x8007052E)

I have manually fixed these issues by changing the directory the .tas file is pointing to. opened the .tas in notepad++ and changed it to directory for TDP 5.7. all automation jobs open and run fine. This should be put in FAQ for users that have these issues.

Yes, on this particular note

(e.g. regarding the win Task Scheduler using the TDP from which the automation script was created),

the Windows Task Scheduler entry will point to the TDP.exe location to perform a command line launch of Toad in order to execute your automation. You may need to replace that Schedule Entry in the Task Scheduler to point to the new TDP install. The TDP installer, when you upgrade from a previous version, should recognize that you have scheduled jobs, and offer to update those for you.

Nicely done, and creative thinking on your part. To users in general, be careful using this method, as you may encounter issues if upgrading from very old versions of TDP (as the Automation Engine can and does change from release to release).

Everything runs, but still have error issue where TDP will not convert the old .TAS in new version or open older .TAS

In the new TDP, are you using OPEN to open up the old .tas?
If you're still getting error (invalid username and password?) then I would submit a Support ticket. They may need to get with our Dev group to understand why the message is coming out.. especially if all you're doing is a small change to the .tas XML to get the jobs to run.

Yes. After changing the xml, most of the older .tas will open, but a few won’t. I sent in a support bundle.


Ah, perfect... thanks for engaging the Support guys.