Automation file created in previous version will not open in TDP 3.4

Another problem with TDP 3.4 ( I have a .tas file saved from version 3.0 that I want to update. When I try to open it with 3.4 I get “You are opening a script that was created using a newer version of Automation…The script will not run in this version.”

I opened it in 3.2, it up-converted it and I was able to save that. I opened that in 3.3, it up-converted that and I was able to save that. But with 3.4, I get the same error with all 3 files.

This automation file runs several .sql queries to excel (Select to File).

Pursuing this further, I found that if I open the .tas file in notepad, and delete ClearWorksheet=“True” from this section, which shows up for one of the queries, I can then open it (and run it) in 3.4:

             <ta1:SelectToExcelActivity x:Name="CAPP_Backlog_Summary" LinkFile="True" RowCountVar="RowCount_1" SqlScript="..\Backlog_Summary.sql" SqlScriptEmbed="" Description="Updates the data tab on the XLSX file, which has a pivot table to summarize. See:" Suffix="" ExcelFileName="C:\_reports\Backlog_Summary.xlsx">


                                            <ns0:ExcelExportInstanceOptions FileDirctory="C:\_reports" FileName="Backlog_Summary" **ClearWorksheet="True"** xmlns:ns0="clr-namespace:Quest.Toad.ImportExport;Assembly=ToadCore, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c862883b2ae69822">


                                                                            <ns0:FormatSettings FormatType="ExcelFile" Row="1" QuoteChar="'" Column="1" Delimiter="," FileFilter="Excel (2007) Files (*.xlsx)|*.xlsx | Excel (*.xls)|*.xls" WorksheetName="DailyData" BlockInsertValue="500.0" FileExtension="xlsx" FolderImportDirectory="{x:Null}" ExcelAtLocation="{x:Null}" HeaderBackColor="LightGray" ExcelBeforeExportMacros="{x:Null}" ExcelAfterExportMacros="{x:Null}" />





                                            <ta1:ConnectionDescription Trl="oracle://IMCM/" Description="blabla" IsNullPassword="False" NodePath="Oracle\blabla" />



You have spotted the correct problem. Someone in automation or export tried to change the attributes and did not go back far enough on compatibility. I entered QAT-1546 for this.