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TDP 3.5 Pro / Import from Access Error



I have been getting the following errors on and off while trying to run an import wizard job…

Error 1


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Stack Trace:

at Quest.Toad.QueryBuilder.SqlBuilder.EvalReplacer.get_ReplacedSql()

at Quest.Toad.QueryBuilder.SqlBuilder.EvaluateSql(Connection connection, String sql, Boolean force)

at Quest.Toad.Db.Connection.PrepareQuery(IDbConnection connection, Boolean release, String sql, Object[] parameters)

at Quest.Toad.Db.Connection.Execute(IDbConnection connection, String sql, Object[] parameter)

at Quest.Toad.LocalStorage.BaseLocalStorageProvider.loadSql()

Error 2


QP5 Message => msg 'Function 5117 (QP5_SHL_INIT_CHUNKER): Handle (0x0A1CA618) passed to API seems to point to a deleted QP5 object of type SHL.

YES = continue, NO = continue and stop bugging me, CANCEL = abort program’

caption ‘API Guard (QP5 version 5.264.14062.32545)’

type ‘19’


These errors have been fixed for the next version. We are planning to release it in the next month. Right now you could try a beta.

The latest beta is available there




Thank you for the update.