TDP 4.2 Data Compare - Can you log changes?


I’m not a DBA but have recently learned how to highlight incremental changes in imported data in TDP.

I made it all the way through the Data Compare wizard to create the UPDATE & INSERT scripts to synch the TARGET table but,
I am looking for help to do the following …

  1. Run the script and add/update the new records
  2. Log the changes in a new CHANGE table with the following fields
  • Record ID
  • Table Name
  • Field Name
  • Old Value
  • New Value
  • Change Date
    I’m running Oracle and was reading about the FGA (Fine Grain Auditing) policy to log changes (add/change/delete) on specific object schemas / names in another table. Not sure I’m able / qualified to set up “packages”, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hi qlawery,

Glad to hear that you are using our Data Compare module. Unfortunately in DC wizard there is no option for loging during your synchronization. If you want log changes you have to do it manually and export your result to Excel.

As second option which I would like to suggest you is use Automation. Here we have Data Compare activity where you can prepare complex scenario which can be really helpful. You can use your DC template and run it from here. You have option for run sync script, generate summary report or Object report.

  • This object report generate XLSX file with your changes. You can use this XLSX file in other activity for import data and import to specific table (you can also use if condition base on Compare result variable).

  • you can store summary report(pdf) to some storage: oracle table as a BLOB or to some shared disk space (you are able add timestamp to your filename) .

As you can see in Automation you are able prepare lot of scenarios which can solve your problem.

Let me know you want more details.



Yes the automation worked! I created the XLS file with differences, imported back and ran script to track changes with time stamp! All in automation so I’m good now, thx.

*** Hey - can you tell me more about the BLOB part?

  • Quinn

Hi Quinn,

BLOB is one of datatype on Oracle which can be use for storing binary data like PDF, JPEG or other.