Saving Data Compare projects

When you save the results of a Data Comparison project (dcp file), how do you open them later? Do you have to walk through the Data Compare wizard again?

And, can I share this file with fellow users so they can do their own compares?

If so, what part of the connectivity information is stored or would have to be inputted by the other user?

You can open a *.dcp file from the file open of the application. Or you can Ask for a data compare, cancel the wizard and then use the Open button of the Wizard bar at the bottom of the compare window.


Yes. You can share *.dcp files. As you suspect you do need to have the connection defined the same way. You can import the connection info from the “Import Connections from File” button in the Navigation/Connection manager. You would need to point at the connections.xml file stored in the Application Data Dir.


is there anyway you can save the result set to pdf or other format if the comparison is automated?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

You can get summary report in different format including pdf and detail report in Excel format. See the screenshot.

Hello! Is there a way to add a timestamp to the difference detail report that is generated in Excel format? Also, is there a way to update the Summary report template? I am using Toad Data Point 4.3.

That automation activity has a time stamp suffix for summary pdf but not the object reports. You could rename the directory they are in with a time stamp or use the run activity and append timestamp using an external scripting language