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TDP 4.2 select to file and export templates adding extra lines to Excel

I have noticed when comparing many of my reports generated using TDP 3.7 to those generated using TDP 4.2, that there are dozens or even thousands of extra lines in the Excel sheets. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a new setting I am missing to prevent this?

I took one of my existing Excel files and deleted all of the lines in the sheet before running my export again. This time the sheet only contained lines with data - no blank rows. It looks like the Toad exports aren’t actually clearing the entire sheet. Is that possible? Was something for the exports changed with 4.2 that doesn’t clear the lines completely?

Hello Andy,

May I ask you which module do you use? Automation activity, Export Wizard, …?

Can you also check if you enabled “Clear data before exporting”?

We changed component for exporting to Excel, so the behavior might be slightly different.

Thank you


I have the clear data from existing sheet checked, and I am using both the export wizard and select to file activities. It seems like in version 3.7, the activities were completely deleting all of the rows and then exporting, which was perfect. Now the activities seem to just be clearing the data. The problem with this is it leaves many rows and causes the files I am working with to be megabytes bigger than they should.

This seems to happen with every new release of TDP - you guys add new features, but change existing ones. I thought I would be able to upgrade - finally - with version 4.2, but now I have to role everything back to 3.7. I email a dozen or so reports every day with Toad and I can’t have every file 2-3 MB larger than they should be. I have never participated in the beta program, because I don’t have time, but I feel like now I need to make time. Why do we pay maintenance fees every year when I can never take upgrade?

You sound angry, and rightly so. We have found the issue and entered QAT-10778 for this. I suspect this might be a simple issue to fix. We changed the component we are using to export and some features have to be handled differently. If the fix is simple can I offer to get you this fix in the TDP 4.2 GA code line?

Not angry, just frustrated. If this could be fixed, that would be great! Thanks!


Just to want to clarify when you say “The problem with this is it leaves many rows and causes the files I am working with to be megabytes bigger than they should.”, do you mean the previous rows are not cleared and stay there, or they are cleared but as blank rows and the file size is not reduced?

I created an automation script today that exported using Wizard file to one worksheet and then another used the SelectToFile to different worksheet. Both cleared the sheets before exporting. The Excel workbook did not increase in size. Andy, Can I get your automation script and dependent excel and txp files? There is something we are not replicating here.

Debbie - the file I am exporting to typically contains 10-20K lines. When I tested I exported once where I left the 20K or so lines in the excel file, but then I set my query to only export 1K lines. The 19K excess lines were empty, but the scroll bar in Excel was scrolling all the way to the bottom of the 20K lines. I can send you the script and other assets, but I need to remove some data from the file. Can I email it to you?

Actually I have a one-off possible fix I would like you to try. Please email me and I will send you the link.

I found an old email of yours and send you location of the fix to download. Did you get it? I haven’t heard from you.

Andy, I never heard back from you. I send you the one-off. Anyway, the fix will be in the next TDP 4.3 Beta.