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TDP 4.3 - Adding new column on SQL Server table and moving it - auto-selects top column and moves it too

When I add a new column to a SQL table and decide to re-position the columns (which will drop and recreate the table), for some reason TDP auto-selects the first column every time and moves the columns together. So if I add a column and move it up, and move it up too far and decide to move it down one, it moves that first column down too. Not sure why it’s automatically selecting that top column. I try to unselect, but as soon as I move the column, it re-selects it.

Any idea? Did I miss a configuration setting somewhere?

hi T.Tripp,

Could you please clarify how exactly do you reposition the columns? What controls/buttons/windows/UI elements do you use? Is it in Object explorer window? I would like to simulate at my end but am confused what to do.


Hi Martin,

I've tested with "Create Table Like" as well as "Alter Table" options. I'll right-click on the table in the Object Explorer, select Operations, and select the appropriate option. In another thread, I have a table called tbl_Users. I'll add a column here and show illustrate:

I click "Add". It will add Column_6, however the newly added column won't be selected as a result of the add. Instead, the top column will be pre-selected.

Now I will select Column_6:

Column_6 is selected, and I'm going to click the Up arrow to move it up one.

After I click the Up arrow, it moves the column up successfully, but now it has the top column selected in addition to Column_6. Now I'm going to click the down arrow.

Of course, since both were selected, both move down.

Thank you

I created QAT-12222 for this and have someone on the SQL Server development team look into this.