Enhancement Request - Drag column header from result set back to editor

While I’m here may I formally request an enhancement for the ability to drag a column from the result set back to the Editor. You can do this from the Navigation manager, yet I have to navigate to it. I choose to not keep the Navigation Manger open to keep my editor and results as large as possible.

It would be great to write ‘select * from A’ and one of the columns in A is “Bi-Polar”. If I want to refine my query to ‘select Bi-Polar from A’ I would like to just drag that column up to the editor so I don’t have to type, navigate or type “a.” and then scroll down the auto-complete to find “Bi-Polar”.


How about this as a work around.

  1. Put your cursor on the table name in the editor and press F4. This brings up the object details for this table.
  2. The first tab of the object details are the columns. Right click on column you want and copy cell.

Using the object details can also be handy for other quick data an since it is a dockable window you can place where you want.