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TDP Freezes When Switching Connections


I have searched the forum for this and could not find anything recent, so I am hoping this hasn’t been asked already.

I have several Oracle and Teradata database connections set up in my instance of TDP (version / 64-bit). I often have to switch connections, mostly between different Oracle connections right now, but when I do, TDP tends to freeze up. It may last 30 seconds or 30 minutes. I do not like killing the whole app with Task Manager unless I have no other choice, but even that’s not a good workaround for this issue so I’m hoping someone here can help.

At first I thought it was isolated to the dropdown box at the top of the Connection Manager, so I stopped switching via that method. I tried double-clicking on the connection I want to switch to, which would be the easiest option really, but I also experienced the app freezing when I did that, so I started right-clicking and using the “Set as Current” menu option. For a while that was working alright, but now I am experiencing the issue even with that method. It’s to the point I hate when I have to switch because I just know it’s going to freeze. I can save my work before switching, but it’s a major productivity killer to have to sit and wait just for the connection to change so I can start working again.

I thought about downgrading to a prior version, as this type of thing popped up occasionally with new releases of Toad for Oracle and usually I’d just go back to the old version until the next one came out. I am open to installing an earlier version or just modifying my settings if someone could point me in the right direction. I’ve tried everything I can find and I’m not having much luck on my own.

Additional Note: My work laptop has 16GB of memory and almost always has plenty available, even when Toad is taking up half a gig and frozen solid. I’m running Windows 7 Enterprise with Intel i5-6300U CPU @ 2.4GHz (though unfortunately I have an impending upgrade to Windows 10 in the near future). When TDP freezes though, other apps keep humming along just fine, so the issue seems to be strictly isolated to Toad.


What is the layout you are using? And what windows do you use when this happens?
For example are you using the navigation window and Query Builder?
I’m just guessing where some slows might be. One might be the navigation manager/object explorer. If you don’t need to have the object explorer all the time try not using them, instead use just top right connection switcher or from view menu use the connection manager.
If this does not narrow it down, can you open a support ticket and get a webex with support with logging turned on?


Thanks for the suggestions! I closed my Object Explorer yesterday and didn’t have the issue, but I’d like to use it this way for a few more days and then report back here because I don’t remember needing to switch connections much yesterday either.

Just for reference though, this is the layout I normally use…and I do use the Object Explorer pretty frequently, so it’s not the best option to close it, but if closing it before switching connections will prevent the app from freezing, I’ll be happy to do that as a workaround for now.


Update: I’ve been using TDP with Object Explorer turned off for the last week, and the only times when I’ve had it freeze were when I forgot to close it before switching connections, or if I had the Object Explorer open and tried to copy/paste text. I guess I do have a significant number of objects being pulled into the Object Explorer now that I’m connecting to both a Teradata EDW as well as an Oracle DB, so that must be what is slowing it down and causing it to freeze. This workaround seems to be helping though, so thank you!


good to hear :blush: