Memory Sufficiency?

Does TDP require more than 32G to work optimally? I'm running a 64bit version on Windows 2012
with a pair of Xeon Gold 2.1GHz processors and at most it's usually consuming 2-4G. However it will just lock up for no reason and not respond. Is there some kind of performance tuning that will improve that?

Min RAM for TDP is about half a Gb, although the more memory, the better, especially when handling increased data volumes. However, there are so many factors that could affect performance or freeze-ups...e.g. other client applications with conflicting app frameworks, or that could be vying for backend resources, type of data source, and communication protocol used, anti-virus stacks, etc. etc.

Do you notice, by chance, any consistency regarding what you're doing or where you are within TDP when the freeze-up occurs? e.g. Trying to blend different sources in the Query Builder? In the Object Explorer? Profiler? Transform & Cleanse? etc. Does this happen only for a specific data source?

It's always wise to check to see if you're on the latest version of TDP (5.1), and if not, get upgraded to see if the latest product version takes care of the issue.

Just adding that faster discs might help to some extent too as some files are cached to hdd.

I think the server has SSD.

I am looking into the upgrade. When I posted this I had rebooted several times hoping to free up resources, but TDP wasn't having any of it. We are working in an enterprise environment and moving data between Oracle and Teradata that are in different parts of the country, but that usually isn't a problem. What I do see is Toad trying to handle look-ups on the connections. I think I disabled a few things in the options to try and limit that, but I left the reconnect option because that seems prudent and shouldn't slow anything down. I guess I just need to limit what TDP is doing that is non-essential so I know the process is the only thing consuming resources.

I'm also working on getting a copy of Camtasia on my laptop so I can take some footage of some of the behaviors. Maybe the upgrade would fix some if it, but the sluggishness and the jumping cursor or sudden app window changes seem irregular.

Video would certainly help, thanks. While you're waiting to upgrade, you might want to check out our TDP Knowledge Base on our Support site. I noticed that are others who have had similar issues with Teradata.