TDP gets to 75%- 10 min to hear the CROAK!

Last week, after a windows update my TDP will get at 75% with a few seconds but then takes 10 min or longer for the program to fully open and be useful. During this time the open splash screen is on the screen and cannot be minimized. Any suggestions on how to correct? I completely uninstalled and reinstalled TDP and still have the same issue.

Hmmm... might have to call this one in to Support.

IN the meantime, let's rule out a couple things.

When you said "windows update", are you talking about typical Windows updates, or updating to a new version of Windows? Say, Win10 to 11? Currently, Win11 is not officially supported, although I know some folks who are running the latest version of TDP just fine on Win11.

Also, making sure you have satisfied all the system requirements...
Min 8Gb RAM
Enough Hard disk
.NET Framework 4.7.2 or above, etc.

Lastly, you don't happen to be auto-connecting to one or more of your data sources, are you?

The update was a corporate security update and not a windows version update. The system requirements are all good and I am not auto connecting to any sources.

I would suggest then opening a Service Ticket for our Support team to take a look at this then.

Hi! did you open a support ticket? If so would love to know the # so I can track it in the system :slight_smile: