TDP Report: page orientation landscape not possible

Hello everyone,

I am trying to setup the page orientation to landscape for TDP reports. I use the setting under “ToadDataReport Report” => “Page setting” => “Landscape” and set it to “True”. Then everythings appears to be fine. But saving, closing and reopening the very same reports shows me “False” for “Landscape” setting again. I tried with several differnet reports. Using “DefaultPrinterSettingsUsing” and switching “UseLandscape” to “True” also does not work. I also tried “Page Setup” in “File” menu to set everything to landscape without success.

This is true for TDP, in Toad 3.3 it worked as intended.

Can anyone help please? Maybe I am missing something.

Thanks in advance,


We made a one off build to fix this issue. The links are here, for base or Pro…/…/

Thanks a lot for the quick response and the fix. It works now as intended.

Kind regards,