TDP 3.4 and Data Reports won't print landscape

Moved to a brand new computer. Complete fresh install of TDA 3.4.

For some reason, all my reports that were set to print landscape are printing in portrait mode. Even if I open it in Design Report and go to Designer > Settings > Page Format > Landscape > True and save if off, I still find that the Landscape switch has been set back to Portrait. The preview looks fine.

I have even tried to create a fresh report, selecting Landscape and when I go into the Designer, it is set to Portrait.

These reports are run with a PDF export and then emailed to users as an attachment.

Printing as landscape is an attribute of the report. To change click on the report object and change the setting shown below.

Hi Debbie,

I understand where this is controlled from.

What I am experiencing is that:

  1. I open the report in Designer
  2. Change the Landscape switch to True
  3. Preview the report ()where it looks fine)
  4. Save the report (not the template)
  5. Run the report and the switch is set back to False.
    Every time. Completely repeatable in my installation.


I have discovered the same problem after installing 3.4. Modifying ‘Landscape’ to True does not persist beyond the editing session. Also, all margin settings revert to ‘100 100 100 100’.

3.4 is unusable here without a workaround.

In addition, in 3.3 and 3.4, the rendering of the font I was using ‘Microsoft Sans Serif’ to PDF was virtually unreadable. See this excerpt:


You are correct the landscape attribute does not persist in the designer palette where it did in TDP 3.2. But neither TDP 3.2 or 3.4 used that attribute by default when pressing print. Don't you want to set up the report so that when ever you press print it will use landscape? It doesn't do this in TDP 3.2 either. I entered QAT-1373 for this isuse. Plesase clarify if I have some misunderstanding See image below.

On the Font issue, here is a TDP 3.2 and 3.4 Sans Sarif side by side. I don't see any difference.

We export reports to .pdf files via automation overnight, so users are not interactive with the report creation process. Any thoughts for that? Example:

What about the margin settings?

As for fonts, try exporting to PDF and see if you get the same results. I’m viewing results with Acrobat X btw.

Thanks for the prompt response!

As mentioned in the last post, that is exactly how we use the reports. They are output in a PDF and emailed to users.

I was using versions up to 3.3 and this worked. When originally building the report via the Designer wizard or changing the Landscape = True in the editor, it always persisted.

Let me look into it a bit more.

I entered a task to fix this. I can see about getting you a one-off of this fix if you are interested. Are you?

I suppose it depends on how long the proper fix will take.

Yeah, since almost everything I run is in landscape, I think a one-off wood be good.

Thanks for being on Yahoo of this, Debbie.


Bill Fischer

Debbie Peabody wrote:

RE: TDP 3.4 and Data Reports won’t print landscape

Reply by Debbie Peabody
I entered a task to fix this. I can see about getting you a one-off of this fix if you are interested. Are you?

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I suppose that involves a patch sent to us that updates the print component. Yes, I would continue the checkout if that were sent, with instructions.

Thank you.

Okay, this is available now.

Great! Thanks for pushing this fix through. How do we get it?

I sent link to Julian early. Download the version that you have - base or Pro.…/…/


I am having the same problem in Toad for SQL Server 6.1. Is there a patch for that version?

To Jane_Lawrence:

Thank you for informing us of the issue.

I regret that Toad for SQL Server currently does not have a patch available. The Toad for SQL Server Team has been advised of the issue and may implement the fix at a later time if enough resources are available to address this.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

-Joshua Liong

We were not planing on making a fix for TSS 6.1. It will be available in the next GA release of TSS or Beta.