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TDP Workbook Connection Error

Just upgraded to latest version of TDP and when I open any workbook I'm getting the error below. I've upgraded TDP to the newest version several times in the past and haven't seen this issue before.

This might be one for Quest's Support Team, Steve. Can you open a ticket with them?

Hi Steve,
we added this new feature in the last release so you can select connections for workflows. Have you tried to click the Select Connection button?
Were you prompted to select a connection or not?

Dan, that seems to work, and if I save the file then I don’t get the error the next time I open that particular workbook. It is correct that users will have to do this step for every workbook they have? In the previous version, it would just bring up the Connections window when you opened the workbook which seemed more straightforward than seeing an error message popup and then having to click Select Connection. Our users were getting confused.


Are they getting an error immediately? They're supposed to get a dialog window asking them to select a connection first.

The error comes up immediately when you open a workbook:

Hi Steve, this does not look right. We'll be discussing it tomorrow.

Thanks, I also have case SR Number:4736840 open on this issue and did a web-ex with Aaron this morning.

Ok, so it will get to us anyways. You'll get the defect number from Aaron then:)