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TDR Formatting Difference with 5.3

I'm beginning to migrate 50+ scripts from TDP5.2 to TDP5.3 which has been going well until the first automation scripts that contained embedded reports. The .TAS process completes without an error, but the output of the report engine is oversized for the page. The Heading and Axis titles are clipped as well as the graph legend. Every object seems to be enlarged/magnified even when opened in the editor. The same Tahoma font is used on both machines. The 5.3 computer is a fresh 64bit install on Windows 10 with the Oracle Instant Client, also 64 bit. The same file opened in 5.2 is shown below it.

Hi, that looks odd. We haven't upgraded or changed this component for report generation though so we don't know what could be the cause.
Could your resolution or dpi have changed? At least your images are not of the same size and resolution. Can you please check that?

Apologies Dan, the 5.3 snapshot was taken inside of an RDP session. The Desktop team tells me that the the VM is actually running on Windows Server 2016. When I upgraded my physical WIN10 box to TDP5.3, the problem does not exist. I wouldn't think that the display resolution would influence the output, however the generated HTML file looks expanded, just like the screen image.

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