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Problems updating automation files from Toad for Data Analysts 3.0 to Toad Data Point 4.3

Hi All,

We have approx. 400 reports set up through Toad for Data Analysts 3.0 running on XP machines.

We have to move to Windows 7 machines and have purchased Toad Data Point 4.3 licenses and are moving our automations over to this, but are experiencing several issues with the conversion when opening in TDP 4.3 which is proving very time consuming!

  • When clicking on an export to file automation item where an sql is the activity input and “link SQL file” is checked, it takes 15-20 seconds to show the code in the window below - the application freezes until this is displayed - TDA 3.0 used to display the sql instantly
  • Upon opening an old automation file in TDP 4.3, variables are renamed and any if conditions using these have to be remade
    • e.g. variable named “odsrc” in the old automation is renamed to “odsrc_Execute_1” when opened in TDP
  • Exporting to file
    • original automation is set NOT to overwrite, and to clear sheet contents when exporting (to an excel template file)
    • Opening in TDP ticks “overwrite” and loses any reference to writing to a specific sheet / clearing contents, so need to be remade
      Any pointers that can make this task less painful?!

NB. Toad Data Point v4.3.0.718 (64 bit) running on Windows 7 Enterprise



We always test and maintain backward compatibility for one prior version for automation scripts. There were a lot of released versions between 3.0 and 4.3. Automation has gone through some changes and has some new/changed options.

i would suggest that you open a support ticket and submit a few sample scripts that are showing issues and we can see if there are some work arounds to make this easier.

I also had this problem as well going from TDP 3.8 to 4.2; and lost everything even though the file was saved. I moved back to 3.8 until we got 4.3. It has been sometime since this has happened, and I don’t have any automation files left. I am working on recreating them now.

Did you look in the backup file location for backups of the files? Everytime we open a file that is of a later version we backup a copy to path similiar to below. You would need to change your user name and check all versions you have installed.

C:\Users\dpeabody\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 4.5\Automation\bak