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Script Viewer format no longer wraps in version 5.4

I recently upgraded to Toad Data Point 5.4 and now when I go to view a script from the Viewer WIndow the script no longer word wraps to a readable format. Instead it's all on one long line. I did not change any of my settings and even tried to restore defaults to no avail. How can I get it formatted back to how previous versions of TDP did it?

Assuming that you are simply bringing up the Script subtab in the Viewer doc tab.
With a little bit of play time, I am able to reproduce, but oddly enough, it only happens if I look at stored procedures... scripting seems to be nicely formatted for all other major object types, including tables, views, functions and packages, etc. We'll have Dev take a look at this more closely.

In the meantime, you can easily hit the tool bar button to pass the code into the Editor and do a quick format there. Hope this helps.

And as a followup, duly noted by the Dev team... trying to see if we can get a fix in the next release later this year in September/October time frame.

Yes--I'm looking at the Script tab in the Viewer window. The formatting won't word wrap only when looking at views. Tables, packages, functions, etc. all work fine.

Hi, I had the same problem in SQL editor. If you want formatting works with 5.4 in SQL editor, you have to remove all commented lines...

Hope this help.