Team coding intalling problem

I always get this message and Team Coding is not working

20:57:47: Team Coding Objects found in schema TOAD
20:57:47: Detected Team Coding Support version 6.0, installed by TOAD 8.50
The version of Team Coding Support on this database is older than that of this release of SQL Navigator for Oracle 5.5.4. However, Team Coding will continue to work.
To update Team Coding Support in order to take full advantage of new Team Coding features, please execute the following script(s) in order: TCupdate_70.sql
Update scripts can be found in C:\Program Files\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 5.5\Install
This task should be performed by a database administrator.

I already run C:\Program Files\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 5.5\Install\ as SQLNAV

I only got 2 options enabled in team codign: status and conecting status. this last one always says I only have read priveleges.
I think I did all the stuff the manual says but…

Anyone can help me?

Hi Filipe,

I believe you might have Toad installed on your system, our 2 apps sharing the Nav Team coding component .

I would suggest that you contact our Support team with this issue. It will be in their domain. Our support team will be the better resource and better equipped for such inquiries.

Have a Merry XMas and A Happy New Year.

Thanks and regards,