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Using Team Coding with SQL Navigator and Toad

Dear all,

Sorry don’t know if it’s more an SQL Nav or toad question, so i try here.

We want use Team Coding with SQL Navigator with our subversion repository (&pushok) .

But some users from the team are using Toad.

Is it possible to use both Tool with the Server side object configuration done with SQL Navigator.

The first test seems to show that TOAD recognised that team coding is installed and we can see the defined groups in the “Team Coding Code Collection” but then we got an error using them and the checkout does not work .

Sould it basically work ?
Does someone use SQL Navigator and Toad together ?
More info how to proceed ?

Tx !

Hi Olivier,

Both Toad and SQL Navigator could share and work with the same Team Coding repository.

Our Quest Support team will be better equipped to assist you with this.

Could you please contact our Support team @
The team would be happy to assist you. Please provide the versions of Toad and SQL Navigator your team use when you submit the Support ticket.

Thanks and regards,

OK Thx :slight_smile: