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Team Coding differences 6.3 and 7.01



We use Team Coding with VSS and plan to substitute it with SVN. In order to do this I have to upate to the latest version.

So I recently updated from SQL Navigator 6.3 to the latest Version 7.01

After a few tests I recognize a few differences:

After a check out of a Package and saving changes without closing and re-opening the package the result of “Compare to VCS” is only in 6.3 correct. In 7.01 the changes are only visible after re-opening the package.

If I choose “undo checkout” in 6.3 the version in my database was reseted to the version in VCS and the currently opened package was reloaded. In 7.01 there was only a message package xxx released in output window and the version in the database stays the same.

Is that a bug or a feature in the new version? The behavior in the old version was more usable for me.




Hi Frank,

Thanks for you post to help us to improve our product.

Could you provide the exact build number to us? you can get the number in Nav MainMenu->Help->About SQL Navigator, you will see like 7.0.1.xxxx.

For your first issue about check out of a package, Could you explain more about “In 7.01 the changes are only visible after re-opening the package.” ?




Hi Michael,

I use build

When I close the Code Editor with the package after check out and after changes (without automatically check in) and then re-open it with a double click in the SQL-Navigator Tree (the old one with F12), then the “Compare to VCS” find the differences.

If I don’t close the Code Editor after check out and after code changes and after compiling the “Compare to VCS” always says “The database version is identical to the current VCS revision”.

This also occurs in the View Editor.

It makes no difference whether I use VSS or SVN.




Hi Frank,

Thanks again for your information, for “Compare to VCS” issue, i can not produce your issue in CodeEditor, but i can produce in View Editor.

i have create two stories SQLNAV-1531 and SQLNAV-1534 for your issues, one is for “Compare to VCS”, other one is for reload in CodeEditor.




Hi Frank,

This team coding issue has been fixed and applied in our latest beta, could you please download and have a check see if it works well for you? Thanks. :slight_smile:…/21862.aspx