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Team Coding problems since upgrade to 5.5.2



We are using the Team Coding option linked to a PVCS repositry. Since we upgraded to 5.5.2 alot of our existing packages are presenting us with the VCS and Database conflict message window during check-out or viewing. The VCS appears to have no date or time. When we view differences one of the versions has a grant execute statement on the end of the script, this is the only difference. Also we can no longer tell which version is the VCS version and which is the Database as the headings have been replaced with temp file locations.

Please advise.



Hi Gav,

This is a regression issue from 5.5.0. This relates to recent changes added for one of our customer’s request to able to export and control Object Grants in Team Coding. We are currently investigating this issue and will get back to you shortly. There should be a new preference to control whether Grant execute statement to be included or not…

There is no work around for this. For the time being, if this is really an major issue for you, you would need to go back to 5.5.0 or previous Nav release you might have.

We will keep you posted with update shortly.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Gav,

Here is the new ‘sqlnav5.exe’ which will address the issue with the grant privileges to object in Team coding. The new ‘sqlnav5.exe’ will have a preference to control the behavior to add or not to add the object grant to the object source. If the preference is un checked then it would not add the grant to the object source. If the preference is checked then it will add the object grant to the object source.

By default it is un checked. If it is checked please un check this preference under the Team coding preferences.

Please download the zip file which contains new ‘sqlnav5.exe’ & the help file which has more info regarding the new preference.
Please copy the new ‘sqlnav5.exe’ to the directory where SQL Navigator is installed, and replace the existing ‘sqlnav5.exe’.

Please refer to the attachment.

Please let us know if the new sqlnav5.exe resolves your issue.

use_extract ddl preferences.jpeg



I’ve installed the sql nav exe and it did seem to fix the problems but it was very unreliable, nav would just crash for no reason. Also the help file did not show any of the detailed help, only showed the topics. For these reasons we’ve had to go back to the previous version.

When can we expect the next version of SQL Nav to be released with these fixes in place?