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Team Coding + TFS 2012. All actions are painfully slow?

I have Toad 12.10, installed Team Coding, and connected it to our TFS2012 server. We are using an Oracle 12.x database. I created a Team Project and have been working on generating the initial revision of the database. When I try to use the Team Coding Project Manager to view the list of projects on our TFS server, all actions take many seconds to respond. Logging in, clicking on the tree to expand sub-folders, etc. The act of right click to check out is very delayed. Currently I am trying to get the constraints schema added (7,000 constraints), and it is taking 30-40 seconds per constraint (each constraint is <1KB). It has been running since yesterday afternoon and I only have about 1,800 completed.

The TFS server is across the WAN, so I understand that could be an issue, but I have Visual Studio installed and every action there is milliseconds. I have been able to download a entire codebase (2GB+) in a handful of minutes, and it has taken 18 hours to get around 2MB of constraints created.

Can anyone confirm or does anyone know why or is there any settings I have wrong?


Hey Mark,

We have seen instances where TFS can be slow under certain circumstances. Visual Studio and TOAD use different technologies to communicate with a TFS server. Visual Studio uses .NET libraries whereas TOAD’s TFS client makes direct SOAP API calls. One of the scenarios we’ve seen is when TOAD is run within a virtual machine. In that situation, there can be a delay as the commands being issued are re-routed through the virtual network. Also, if you have VCS debug logging enabled, or you have selected to show VCS command output window, that can slow the performance as every command and response is being captured and logged.

Can you send me, off-line or through a private message on ToadWorld, screenshots of each tab in your TFS configuration window? That may help to track down what might be happening.



FYI, to close this discussion out. I did turn off debug logging and the VCS command output window and these made significant performance. I appreciate the help!