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Using Toad to import Excel Spreadsheet Data - special case

Hi Folks:

I have the Xpert Toad Edition.

I need to import some data into an Oracle database from an excel file. For the last 15 years they have been recording rain events at specific areas using rain gauges.

I pivoted the data (saved to a different spread sheet) to look like this:

So here is my problem: I created a table in Toad with columns for the areas (where the gauge is located), Date of the rain, and amount of the rain. The problem is I can't import a whole row as a record. I need to be able to import each cell as a different record (so for example: 18 (area), 2/23/00 (date of the rain) and 0.60 (amount of the rain) as one record. Is something like this possible in Toad? ( I couldn't figure it out with the normal Toad import, but Toad has so many features I figured I might be missing something).

Thanks for any help...


There’s no way to tell Toad to import each cell as a row, but here are a few suggestions:

Can you import the unpivoted data, then pivot it in Oracle?


Can you import the pivoted data as is into another table, then rearrange the data to your liking into your real destination table via SQL?