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Teradata Driver

Are there any plans to include the Teradata .NET driver for connectivity as it is much more robust than the ODBC connection.

Nothing in writing yet. I know there has been discussions about this. I will forward this post to the product manager. She may want more details.


If you’re taking requests, I’d appreciate this connectivity as well. We have a ton of users that could take advantage of this.

Brings me joy just to see this question being posted. I am in need for these drivers. Thanks

Looks like this request is making the To-Do list. No promises on what version it will make it into but we are doing the research now to start the coding.


We have started development on a native provider for TeraData. I am looking for anyone who can be a technical contact for us. What I mean by this, is someone who we can contact while we develop who can provide us with samples of users, SQL , configurations, etc. If any of you on this post are able to do this please contact me by email This type of assistance is greatly appreciated and will help guide our coding into the right areas.