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Teradata - Import to Volatile Tables

I'm running into some issues in my current role because it requires me to use Teradata SQL Assistant instead of Toad. Naturally, my preference is Toad for a myriad of reasons, but the main reason is because Toad actually tells you where the error is occurring in a script (while SQL Assistant leaves you to scroll through hundreds of lines of code with no clue where the error was raised).

I can't find it now, but I saw another post a few months ago where Debbie Peabody explained that the reason Toad doesn't support fastload to volatile tables (which are session-specific) is because Toad allows multiple sessions to be active at once. That makes sense, but could we work around that somehow?

I guess what I'm proposing is an option, specific to Teradata, that would limit the number of connections to 1 and then allow us to import into a volatile table that we create via a script in the current editor.

By the way, I even went to the point of asking our Teradata DBA's if I could have a reusable physical table set up in my personal schema in our EDW, mainly for the purpose of importing an account list for analysis purposes. They were adamant in saying NO and that they only support Teradata SQL Assistant, so asking for a Toad feature seems to be my only other option.