Abort Session Option

Is there an option to abort session(s) that I am not seeing in the TOAD GUI? We sometimes get responding sessions with Teradata that create write locks and block other sessions... and I don't have a way to abort them.

More details on "getting responding sessions" ?
Are these stemming from TDP? Other users?

Hey Gary... these responding sessions are coming from TDP's interaction with Teradata 16.x. This is not an issue involving the processes of others. From what I understand, this is surrounding how TDP uses BT/ET and truncation when creating a new table. I experience this primarily when doing large ETLs from SQL Server... I've had to move to using mload in those cases, but I still run into this with smaller imports.

OK, thanks for the extra details... I don't have a lot of hands-on with Teradata, so we'll see if we can get some engineering eyes on your inquiry here...