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Thank you Quest Ostrava Toad Development Team!

Special thanks goes out to the "Toad Studio" Development Team located in the Quest Ostrava Czech Republic office.
For many years that team was responsible for the development, testing and support of many Toad products including:

  • Toad Data Point
  • Toad for DB2
  • Toad for SQL Server
  • Toad for SAP

That team was very professional and took great pride in delivering and supporting the best database tools on the market.
The team members have been very responsive and thorough when posting and supporting users in these forums - and we all thank you for that.

It will be difficult to forget the thousands of Skype/Slack/Teams calls, the tens of thousands of Jira tickets that were processed, the great amount of product enhancements and fixes that were delivered and the many, many liters of fresh Pilsner beer that were consumed at after work events.

Special shout out to the individual "Toad Studio" team members who worked in the Ostrava office throughout the years (doing this by memory so I might have missed some):
Filip, Standa, Jakub, Tomas, Michal...Dan, Lucia, Libor W....Zdenek, Rosta, Libor K., Pavel, Jan, Martin, Karel

Thank you team. It was a pleasure and honor working with each of you.
Na Zdrowie!
Jeff Podlasek


So true, Jeff!!! It was definitely a pleasure and honor to work with the Ostrava team! My thanks for to everyone from the Ostrava office.

--Julie Hyman

Don't forget the TDM team that was also in the Ostrava office. :wink: This great team was responsible for the the development, testing and support of Toad Data Modeler.