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The ability to add sound to an alert or change of status

I managed hundreds of SQL servers and with that, when issues arrise id like to be alerted, not just by a colour, and an email but by a sound, I would love to have the ability to add a .mp3 or .wav file to the Alarm type. Types such as Locks/Blocks,replication failure etc. its all good an well having a color change on the Diagnostic screen but if you are not watching it, or like me, have more than 3 monitors, you are not going to notice it, and if like me you get thousands of emails you may miss that important email.

having the ability to attach a sound to a change in status would be very handy. 

I have tried using the run program > powershell and have that run New-Object Media.SoundPlayer but it doesnt work as i would have hoped.