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The BLOB size is too large. Cannot generate script for this log reader

attempted to undo a transaction of which has a big blob associated with it. stating that the BLOB size is to large.

there’s an article that references it.

just worked on code all day and overwrote it by accident. it shows where I overwrote it in the transaction log but doesn’t want to restore it due to the limitation in the above article.

is there a way to increase the memory with the application to allow it to generate the script?

I’ve consulted with LogReader dev team. It is a limitation in the product for right now. Will try to see what we can do here.

Is there any update to this? I am getting the same error - I have t-log data to export that is around 15k per field.

Any way to work around this limitation – or increase the maximum field size?


There once was a hard coded limit, but that was removed long ago.

We can find options here:


This product has literally saved my sanity and my career today. Last bit was stupid blob limitation. You rock.